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Below is an audio selection of my work for film, TV and documentaries.


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All music written and produced  by Saul James

© 2020 by Saul James.

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Wounded Trailer
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Film Soundtrack Previews

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Jeremy Wilson's Good Deed Trailer
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WAKA Soundtrack Preview
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At Close Range Soundtrack Preview
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Buried Soundtrack Preview
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Set Back Soundtrack Preview
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Tiny Town Soundtrack Preview
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A Compilation - Film, TV (34 Tracks)

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Full Movie Soundtracks

BURIED (ENTERRÉS) - Feature Film

(13 Tracks)


Four childhood friends meet up after attending the funeral of the local priest. The plan is to bury parts of their past. But as they each reveal their item and tell their stories, they realise they are all connected to a much more sinister reality, one that none of them had ever truly left behind and buried. (Trailer on the WATCH Page)

About the Soundtrack

"The only thing the director was certain about was that the score had to sound African and specifically from central Africa. Given the subject matter, I decided to score the darkness of the childhood memories, which is heard as early as the opening titles and mirrored with hope in the closing titles. I used detuned drums to reflect the concept of burning things down into the ground. The haunting, childlike melody heard in track 3, reflects the children in the childhood stories and suffers the same detuned state in track 10 "Into the Woods". The score is mostly under the radar until it climaxes in tracks 10 and 11, reflecting the new jeopardy on screen, before offering a window of release in the final track, "You're Free"."

(Saul James)

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WOUNDED - Feature Film

(14 Tracks)


Wounded tells the story of former soldier John Woods. When he returns from Afghanistan with horrific injuries he settles into a new life haunted by the accident that caused his injuries.

On a chance moment, John witnesses a neighbour abusing his young son. Without taking long to make a decision John finds himself on the run with the young lad. With the police and the boys family pursuing them they speed across the country with John trying to find a way out of this mess.


The film concludes with a showdown on Clacton Pier and a concluding twist that helps John escape the nightmare.

IMDB Saul James

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W.A.K.A - Feature Film

(15 Tracks)


Marilyn finds herself pregnant, single and fired from her job. She meets Max, a local pimp who offers her a job as a "respected" prostitute or a Waka. Mathilda is born.

Before long, she becomes a favourite with the clients but not with the community. Marilyn soon learns the difficulty of balancing motherhood with her new lifestyle while things escalate when she tries to end Mathilda.


We learn how much of a sacrifice a mother is willing to make for her child.

IMDB Saul James

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TINY TOWN - Feature Film

(14 Tracks)


Enzo and Niko met in Bosnia whilst serving in the UN peacekeeping force. Both are studying film at the University of Arts, London.

Nina, Niko's sister, arrives in London. She is an aspiring fashion designer and has hopes of making it in the London fashion scene. Unfortunately, after just three days in London, she is kidnapped by Stephan's gang of pimps.

Enzo and Niko in their search for Nina, discover an underground world of sex slavery alive in London. Nina has become one of its many victims, held captive in the basement of a cinema.

Detective Murphy, a cynical and heartless cop on Stephan's pay-roll, provides no answers or support. So Enzo and Niko decide to take the law into their own hands.

In an attempt to rescue her, Nina manages to make a break for freedom - but at what cost?

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