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Welcome to the Writing Room.

When I was eleven years old, I set myself up at the family typewriter and started hammering out the story for an animation film. Forty-two pages later, it was completed - "The Alphabet Movie".

It took me a long time to realise that this was the start of something significant.

I am a big believer in making a difference and driving positive change. So I like to use my writing to raise awareness of certain issues and taboos in the hope that my stories can help bring about changes in societal thinking, break down prejudices and help be a small part of the solution in making people's lives better

for today and tomorrow.

Below is a selection of scripts I've either completed or that are underway.

Future writing projects include my first play and a new musical.

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The North Wing Poster (V.17).jpg


(Feature Length Film)

Attached Dir. Francoise Ellong
Original Story: Francoise Ellong

Screenplay: Saul James


Andrew Malone, a convicted murderer is up for parole after serving 35 years of a life sentence in the North Wing. Thinking agoraphobia is his only obstacle to freedom and his dying wife, he soon learns of ghosts of his past who have no intention of letting him live.

Exploring the themes of second chances for criminals and forgiveness, The North Wing is a roller-coaster thriller that will make you laugh, cry and have you on the edge of your seat. 

You See Me Poster 2.jpg


(1 Season, 6x60min)
Attached Dir. Unknown
Original Story: Saul James

Screenplay: Saul James


Julio is trying to accept that his whole world is now upside down and his dreams have disappeared. At only 26, he'd never even heard of M.E. or chronic fatigue syndrome let alone think he'd ever suffer from it.

Trying to accept his new life with this invisible illness, his denial and anger destroys his relationships with anyone who tries to show him love and support. Over the 6 episodes, we watch Julio navigate his new world, trying to make peace with himself and those around him, learn to live again, find new dreams and attempt to get back the love of his life. What Julio doesn't see, is everyone around him has problems of their own.

Baby Steps.jpg


(Feature Length Film)

Attached Dir. Unknown
Original Story: Saul James

Screenplay: Saul James


Ruth has it all, a loving husband, a great home, an established career as a lawyer who's about to make partner, a supportive family and close friends. So when she discovers she is pregnant, you'd think she would relish the final piece of the perfect puzzle. Well, she does and embraces it as the strong woman she is, planning to be back at work in 6 months and secure that promotion.

What Ruth didn't plan for was postnatal depression. Who does? Battling with her fears of failing and of being a bad mum, with the baby and what everyone is thinking of her, the shame and depression take her into the darkest moments of her life. 



(Short Film)

Attached Dir. Unknown
Original Story: Saul James

Screenplay: Saul James


Marcus and Vanessa, live next to Susan and Timothy. They are friendly neighbours, young professionals but with very different relationships. The scene starts with a chance encounter on the doorstep, between Marcus and Susan, who both go into there respective flats and start identical conversations. We follow this one conversation in both flats as each couple produces very different outcomes from the same words. Four people, two doors, one story.

Exploring the concept of giving "the benefit of the doubt" to those we love, the film shows how without grace and compassion, we can turn the most innocent of comments into personal digs, which can lead to terrible and unnecessary consequences. How hard can it be to say "sorry"?

Classical, FIlm, TV Composer, & Screenwriter



IMDB Saul James
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