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12 x 30" TV Series, Canal+

The 12-part Canal+ Original Series for Canal+ Premier went live in March. 'EWUSU' tells the story of Soye, a psychologist, who sets up her new office only to find out that for some, it is not welcomed.

Director: Francoise Ellong-Gomez

Music: Saul James

Production : WOURI

Ent Coproduction : Canal+, WOURI Studios, Merveilles Production, IGIS Gabon


"For the first time in Africa, a series addresses a primordial theme at the heart of everyday human relationships: psychology. But what is the limit between psychology and mysticism? The creator of the series Françoise Ellong-Gomez chose Soye to represent this necessary balance between rational and irrational, between the world of the living and the world of spirits. A necessary balance “to preserve the authenticity of our African societies”. For the more curious, ewusu translates as 'witchcraft' but in reality, in duala means 'which comes from infinity'."

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Saul is a classically trained composer, film & TV composer and screenwriter based in the UK. He started on trumpet age 8, followed by piano, voice and classical composition, later winning scholarships for trumpet and composition, and a chorister placement at Chichester Cathedral. As a 1st study composer at the Royal College of Music, he studied under David McBride, Simon Bainbridge and Joseph Horovitz, and trumpet with David Mason. Work experience at Jeff Wayne Music Group exposed him to some great media composers including Jeff Wayne, Rachel Portman and John Altman, it also confirmed his dream of one day writing music for screen.


But before starting his career in film, he spent a decade working across the UK for various youth and education charities, with a short stint as a singer-songwriter performing in and around London. 

Saul self-taught as a film composer, going on to work with directors and producers worldwide on TV productions, corporate projects, and many award-winning independent films with premieres in Paris, London, Cameroon, Marbella, Austria, Hollywood and more. 


His music has been on Swiss Films, Amazon, Sky Sports, Sky One, Sky Movies, Sky Arts, Sky Atlantic, Netflix, Canal+, Channel 4, TV Monde5 and Seven Network (Australia).


As a classical composer, his works have been performed in concert halls, cathedrals and theatres around the UK, from short ballets to full-scale orchestral and choral works.

Saul's music is highly melodic in style, often housed in dark, complex and emotive backdrops. Connecting to his interest in psychology and human emotions, he revels in digging into the emotional journey of on-screen characters and locating their unique musical story. 

Over the years, Saul also taught himself screenwriting and is currently working on a second commissioned feature film script, with a few spec scripts in the pipeline, including feature films and a TV Series. 

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"Music is the only language I can speak to communicate to all,

for even in English, I fail to convey such messages as

moral certainty."

Saul James aged 16

Classical, FIlm, TV Composer, & Screenwriter



IMDB Saul James
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